Wondering about our 'No mouth guard, no play' Policy?

Mouth guards can provide protection to the athlete in three different ways. Mouth guards protect against concussions by serving as a:

  • Shock absorber.
  • Protection against neck injuries.
  • Protection for the teeth, by distributing the force of a blow over all the teeth and diminishing contact between the mandible (lower jaw) and the maxilla (upper jaw).
  • The most important function of the mouth guard is in preventing of concussions and brain injuries. A mouth guard with the proper thickness of 3 to 5 mm between the teeth can reduce the rate of concussion, by preventing the condyle (lower jaw hinge) from being forced into the base of the brain (temporal bone) at impact. Ninety five percent of all football concussions are transmitted through the mandible to the brain.

A concussion is defined as head trauma induced alteration in mental status that may or may not involve loss of consciousness. Definitions for each category are presented below.

  • Grade 1 Concussion Definition: Transient confusion, no loss of consciousness, and a duration of mental status abnormalities of <15 minutes.
  • Grade 2 Concussion Definition: Transient confusion, no loss of consciousness, and a duration of mental status abnormalities of >15 minutes.
  • Grade 3 Concussion Definition: Loss of consciousness, either brief (seconds) or prolonged (minutes or longer).
  • The Most important function of the mouth guard is in the prevention of concussion and brain injuries.

About "Boil and Bite" mouth guards

A "boil and bite" mouth guard is a type of guard that is bought off the shelf in one of a few standard sizes. The athlete then takes the mouth guard home and customizes the fit of the guard to their mouth. Boil and bite mouth guards are the most used type of sports mouthpiece.

Boil and bite mouth guards are made from a thermoplastic material. The wearer removes the guard from its packaging and then places it in hot water so it becomes softened. The athlete then uses their fingers, lips, tongue and biting pressure to seat the guard over their teeth and form its contours.

Because they are customized by the wearer, boil and bite mouth guards can be expected to fit somewhat better and be more comfortable to wear than stock mouth guards. There is still some potential that an athlete will feel that they must clench their teeth together so to hold the guard in place. The need for this clenching activity can hinder the wearer's breathing and speech activities. Additionally, boil and bite mouth guards are often considered to be bulky.

When choosing a boil and bite guard a size must be chosen that extends over all of the back teeth. During the customization process care must be taken so the thickness of the plastic that covers the chewing surfaces or biting edges of the teeth does not become thinned out, or else the level of protection provided by the guard will be compromised.

"The BDA recommends that anyone engaged in contact sports should use a well-made mouthguard to reduce the risk of injury to teeth, bone and lips.

It will also help to reduce the risk of concussion.

A custom-made mouthguard designed by a dentist is preferable to those sold in sports shops as they will be more comfortable to wear, and more likely to stay in place on impact."

Custom fitted mouthguards do not interfere with speech or breathing as the boiler ones do. Mouthguards are also extremely important for kids with braces to prevent serious lip lacerations.

Medical Sponsors - Diestel & Partners


The clubs medical sponsor Diestel & Partners is once again this year offering custom made mouth guards for only HK$250.

All Pirate rugby players must wear a mouth guard when playing - custom made guards are more comfortable to wear and provide better protection.

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